Abscess (Boil) is a localized infection on any part of the body, through which there is inflammation, pus formation, painfulness, and swelling, and; with or without other signs of infection.


An Abscess is commonly caused through infection, mainly bacterial infection. It can also be caused by parasite infection. An abscess may possibly be caused or triggered by a foreign body or injury or physical trauma.

Any abscess is a sign of body's response to trauma or infection. It is a sign of body's defense mechanism at work whereby a military of white blood cells start fighting against the infection or foreign body and lead to pus formation. In this process, there will be inflammation, swelling, painfulness and even fever.

A condition of frequent abscesses especially on the skin is a common aspect, signifying underlying defective immune system. In such cases, the elemental immunity calls for treatment besides address local infection as a separate problem.

Some of the common sites are Skin, liver, lungs, mouth, bones, appendix, spine, nose, tonsils, sinus, etc. It depends on the person’s tendency to catch infection; which in turn is governed by the genetic tendency.

Symptoms of abscess

The most common symptoms are swelling, pain, pus formation, redness, discharge, and fever. It depends on the site of an abscess, some symptoms might be varying.

Treatment of abscess

Conventional treatment: Abscess due to bacterial infection responds to antibiotics. Drainage may be required in case of un-ruptured pocket of pus.

Homeopathic Treatment for abscess:

Acute abscess of topical origin can respond to homeopathic medicines; though, it can take little longer than antibiotics.

Homeopathy is best marked in the cases of:-

  • Frequent abscesses
  • Lingering (chronic) abscess
  • Resistant abscess

On top of three categories, the formation of an abscess is surely a sign of changed underlying immunity, which can be effectively treated using homeopathy.

Homeopathy is sturdily indicated for resistant and recurring cases of abscesses.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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