Fibroadenomas are non-cancerous and harmless tumors which are made up of fibrous tissues of the breast. These are general in adolescent and young women. The prevalence of Fibroadenoma reduces with increasing age.


  • Fibroadenomas are round, smooth, and easily movable swellings. It is referred as ‘floating tumor’ or ‘Breast Mouse’ as it easily sleeps away from fingers. Size of the tumor can vary from 1 to 5 centimeters.
  • It can be single or multiple. Usually it is painless and can affect both breasts.
  • Pain and tenderness can be present especially previous periods and subsides after periods. These cyclical changes are due to the hormonal changes. This is the reason why it is less common after menopause.


Exact cause of Fibroadenoma is indefinite. It is due to the cyclical hormonal change that happens in the body of women of child bearing age.


  • Physical examination
  • Medical history
  • Mamography
  • Biopsy

Dangerous signs

  • Hard, immovable tumors
  • Sudden increase in size of tumor
  • Pain in breast not affected by menstrual cycle

Transformation of Fibroadenoma into cancerous tumor is very uncommon. Merely 0.002 to 0.012 percent of the Fibroadenoma converts into cancerous growth.

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy is strongly recommended in the treatment of Fibroadenoma. Homeopathy may be given as a baseline treatment in mild & moderate cases where as it has good encouraging role in highly developed cases of tissue changes. The results with homeopathy in the cases of Fibroadenoma are incredibly good.

Homeopathic medicines are suggested after studying patient’s entire case history. It enhances the body’s self-healing mechanism thus further reappearance of fibroadenoma can be prevented.

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