Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum Contagiosum

More illustrative molluscum (contagiosa) could be a ordinarily found skin infection, particularly among youngsters, that seems like tiny, pearl formed, pink white eruptions on skin. it's a virus infection. it's conjointly found in adults United Nations agency square measure immunodeficient owing to some reason. The infection is commonest between the age of 1 to 10 years. molluscum will have an effect on any space on the body however is sometimes discovered on the face, arms and legs.


Molluscum contagiosum is caused by polymer animal virus referred to as the molluscum virus(MCV).


If it bursts, it will become painful and even might get infected owing to some secondary microorganism infection. selecting or scratching the bumps might result in more infection or scarring and hemorrhage.

In concerning 100 percent of the cases, disease of the skin develops round the lesions. they will sometimes be difficult by secondary microorganism infection.

Spread of molluscum

Being infective agent in origin, it spreads by skin contact and bit. The lesions shown higher than shows however infection has unfold to close areas. the image on the left conjointly shows associate degree infected variety of molluscum.

Scratching the bumps and so touching the skin or through sex contact is that the commonest approach is spreads from one half to the body to a different. Handling objects that have the virus on them, like a towel, can even lead to infection. The virus is unfold among youngsters at daily care or in class. it's restricted to a localized space on the uppermost layer of the cuticle. youngsters gift with clusters for the most part owing to self-spread.

Even once winning treatment, it will recur, since it doesn't offer life long immunity.


About one in twenty youngsters square measure infected at a while with molluscum.


Diagnosis is formed on the clinical examination by experiences eyes. No biopsy or diagnostic test needed.


Molluscum contagiosum could be a self-limiting condition; which implies that it gets cured if untreated. However, therein case, it should take up to 6 months. Some treatment measures might shorten the length and cut back the changes of unfold. it's contagious till the bumps square measure gone-which, if untreated, could also be up to six months or longer. The time from infection to the looks of lesions ranges from two week to six months, with a median time period of half dozen weeks.

The skin problem virus can not be habitually genteel within the laboratory.

General treatment

It is done by pop the core containing the virus with a needle. The central waxy core contains the virus. This procedure should be done frequently to forestall multiplying of the virus. Once the virus containing head of the lesion has been destroyed, the infection is gone.

Surgical treatment


It involves killing infected cells by "freezing" them with a controlled liquid spray, typically nitrogen or inhalation anaesthetic. The procedure is comparatively painless and may be performed by any health care provider. The infected cells might fall off now or fade over many days.

Laser medical care

Pulsed dye optical device medical care is that the treatment of alternative once there square measure multiple lesions. Any surgical procedure needs to be continual on every occasion, new crops of lesions seem.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy has effective treatment for a spread of infective agent infections which incorporates molluscum. There square measure a couple of ordinarily indicated anti-viral medicines that square measure specially appropriate for this condition. This drawback is basically self-limiting and doesn't need drugs unless it's severe and in depth. it's to be remembered that the medicines got to be chosen supported the patients individual symptoms; and not that they work for all the patients alike.

Homeopathic treatment is powerfully steered for molluscum, particularly for the severe selection.

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