Multiple System Atrophy

Multiple System Atrophy

Multiple system atrophy could be a chronic disorder. It’s marked by a mix of symptoms moving movement, force per unit area and alternative body functions; thus it's termed as "multiple systems" atrophy.


In multiple system atrophy there's harm to autonomous systema nervosum with degeneration of nerve cells in specific areas of the brain. This cell degeneration causes issues with movement, balance and automatic functions of the body like bladder management. However, the precise reason behind MSA is unknown and no specific risk factors are known with it.

In some cases, a designation of MSA will solely be confirmed post-mortem. Once brain tissue of someone with MSA is examined below a magnifier, structures known as interstitial tissue protoplasm inclusion bodies square measure visible. These are called Papp Lantos bodies. These square measure the sole important findings that kind the hallmark of MSA.


Multiple system atrophy presents with a large vary of symptoms including:

  • 01 upright hypotension: low force per unit area once standing with symptom, fainting or blurred vision.
  • 02 Urinary disturbances: urgency, frequency, incomplete bladder removal or AN inability to pass excretory product (retention).
  • 03 Muscle rigidity and/or tremors with slow movement. It may also gift as encephalopathy, which has slow, stiff movement, writing becomes tiny and spidery, involuntary shaking of head and hands.
  • 04 bodily property instability: loss of balance, in coordination in movements
  • 05 Impotency: In men, the primary sign to be ascertained is ED
  • 06 Speech and swallowing difficulties.
  • 07 Constipation
  • 08 dryness and skin.
  • 09 hassle control blood heat because of abnormal sweating.
  • 10 Abnormal respirations throughout sleep.

When involuntary failure is pronounced at the side of predominating encephalopathy it's termed as keep Drager Syndrome. This term is not used usually.

It should be noted that each one patients with MSA might not expertise these symptoms; some could expertise some or some together with the opposite.


There is no remission from the sickness. the speed of progression differs in each case and speed of decline could vary wide in individual patients. it's been ascertained that MSA comparatively progresses additional quickly than Parkinson's disease.


There is no cure for MSA; therefore treatment involves treating the symptoms. It’s extraordinarily vital to manage the force per unit area that falls on standing, which shall result in serious injuries if the patient collapses. Therefore correct care and drugs needs to be taken in such cases.

Non-drug treatments embody "head-up tilt" (elevating the top of the total bed by concerning ten degrees), salt tablets, generous intake of fluids, and pressure (elastic) stockings. Avoiding of triggers of low force per unit area (e.g. weather, alcohol, dehydration) square measure crucial.

For predominant symptoms of Parkisonism, the drug dihydroxyphenylalanine transiently helps the condition. The difficulties in walking/movement, daily tasks, speech are managed well with therapy, physical therapy and therapy.

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