Nekam’S Disease

Nekam’S Disease

Nekam's disease is a very rare chronic and progressive disease of the skin moving the folks between twenty to forty years older. The scientific term for Nekam's disease is disease of the skin lichen ides chronic. This disease was 1st delineated and studied by a somebody known as Nekam within the year 1938. Being a rare disease condition, solely concerning seventy cases area unit documented from the planet over. It’s a troublesome disease to manage.


The exact explanation for development of Nekam's disease isn’t fine noted.

Body elements suffering from Nekam's Disease

Nekam's disease affects skin and connective tissue junctions. Connective tissue junction suggests that the junction between the skin and mucosa. This includes lips, mouth, corners of the eyes, genitalia etc.

Nikam's disease affects the body elements like trunk, hands, feet, buttocks etc.


  • Nekam's disease is characterized by abnormal thickening, redness and scaling of the skin of the affected part.
  • When it affects the oral fissure it produces oral ulcers within the mouth.
  • It will cause ulcers on genitalia additionally.
  • Nails tend to become thick and ugly with xanthous discoloration.

Diagnosis of Nekam's Disease

Biopsy of skin helps within the diagnosis the malady. a small piece of skin is taken from the affected a part of the body and sent for the microscopic examination.

Management of Nekam's Disease

Nekam's disease could be a terribly troublesome disease condition to be treated conventionally; being a rare malady.

Role of homoeopathy in treating Nekam's Disease

Nekam's disease could be a troublesome to treat condition, medical aid medicines if given by associate degree seasoned homoeopath, will facilitate in reducing the progress of the malady, reducing the intensity of the symptoms of the disease and thereby giving relief to the patient.

It is worthy to notice that Nekam's disease being a chronic disease condition; the treatment could take an extended time with any reasonably medication.

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