Optic rubor

Optic rubor is inflammation or swelling of the optic tract that is that the nerve supply the attention from the brain which will cause complete or partial visual impairment. It destroys the outer lining or sheath of the nerve.


  • Multiple pathology, nearly five hundredth of the patients with induration develop this sickness
  • Herpes herpes zoster virus
  • Autoimmune disorders like general lupus.
  • Chloremphenicol, AN antibiotic accustomed treat enteric fever
  • Inflammation of blood vessels supply the nerve
  • Ethambutol, AN anti-tubercular drug


  • 01 sharp blurred vision
  • 02 Loss of coloured vision
  • 03 Pain within the eye


It affects young people preponderantly within the age bracket of 30-35 years and females square measure additional normally affected then men. it's a self limiting sickness and resolves on its own at intervals 2-3 weeks unless the person is stricken by some auto-immune disorder like induration.


Homeopathy has smart scope in cases with early designation and might stop visual impairment.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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