Scleroderma :

Scleroderma could be a sickness that primarily affects the skin manufacturing abnormal hardening of tissues.

The exact reason for scleroderma is unknown, however, it's termed as associate degree autoimmune disorder, that triggers overrun of albuminoid in tissues and damages blood vessels.

Collagen could be a macromolecule found in connective tissues of skin, joints, tendons and internal organs like lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, etc. thus the severity of sickness depends on that elements of the body square measure affected.

Overproduction of albuminoid results in hardening of the affected elements thereby hampering the traditional functioning of that affected organ or half.

Incidence :

It is wide thought-about because the sickness of time of life from thirty to fifty years though it's seen in kids similarly. The sickness presentation in kids is sort of totally different from those of adults.

It shows marked affinity towards females; concerning seventy fifth cases square measure females.

Family members of these with scleroderma or alternative animal tissue diseases like Lupus square measure additional at risk of get scleroderma.

Scleroderma isn't infectious, contagious or malignant.

Types of scleroderma :

Scleroderma is classified into Localized and general scleroderma.

Localized scleroderma has 2 varieties particularly dermatosclerosis and Linear scleroderma. general scleroderma is additional classified into diffuse and restricted scleroderma.

Localized scleroderma :

This form of scleroderma sometimes affects skin however it's going to unfold to muscles and bones. it always affects the skin of hands and face inflicting hardening of the skin, the arduous skin patches square measure discoloured in look.

This is termed as a light style of scleroderma wherever internal organs don't seem to be affected. seldom localized scleroderma develops into general (generalized) scleroderma.

a Morphea: it's a style of localized scleroderma wherever waxy patches seem on skin that varies in size and color. Thickened skin is noticed below these patches. this manner is additional usually seen in young adults.

b Linear scleroderma: it's a style of localized scleroderma most ordinarily seen in kids. It shows up as a line or streak of hardened waxy skin on single elements of the body like arm or leg or on forehead. It additionally affects the quality of joints beneath the skin, that is affected and retards the expansion of the affected elements in kids.

Systemic scleroderma :

Systemic scleroderma is additionally referred to as general pathology because it affects over one system of the body like muscles, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys and channel. it's termed as associate degree response animal tissue disorder wherever connective tissues of various organs square measure affected turning into arduous and functioning but traditional.

In diffuse scleroderma skin thickening happens speedily and involves larger space whereas in restricted scleroderma skin thickening is confined to lesser areas as fingers, hands and face and develops slowly over the years.

Symptoms :

Raynaud's phenomenon: one amongst the earliest signs of scleroderma could also be associate degree exaggerated response to cold temperatures or emotional distress. Such a response might cause constriction of the blood vessels of fingers and toes, typically ear, nose and tip of tongue. This constriction of blood vessels causes color changes in skin to white or blue. it's typically painful.

    • Swelling of fingers is another earlier sign seen in scleroderma. it's most ordinarily seen in morning as a result of inactivity at midnight.
    • Pain and stiffness of joints: Pain, stiffness, swelling and heat over the joints square measure normally seen concomitant with muscle pain and weakness. Joint contractures also are noticed in few cases wherever the joints become mounted in flexed position and a movement becomes terribly painful. In few cases muscle weakness results in carpal tunnel syndrome.
    • Skin thickening or hardening with itchiness.
    • Ulceration :It is most ordinarily seen over the fingertips. These ulcerations square measure tough to heal as a result of poor circulation. Ulceration is caused as a result of excessive waterlessness of skin. Ulcerations should be treated with immediate result because it might cause infections, that becomes tougher to treat.
    • Calcium deposits is seen just under the skin within the types of lumps. These lumps breaks to be seen as chalky white material and is at risk of infections.
    • Telangiectasia: this is often one amongst the precise sign of scleroderma wherever blood vessels close to the surface of skin becomes visible as tiny red spots. Common places square measure fingers, palms, face and lips. This spots have a bent to disappear on applying pressure however returns once the pressure is free.
    • Sweat pores decrease on affected elements.
    • There could also be decrease in hair on affected elements.
    • Sometimes the affected elements feels like tanned skin as a result of pigmentation.
    • Acid reflux and swallowing difficulties square measure common in several patients.
    • Dryness in eyes or mouth is as a result of decrease in secretion of secretion and tear glands.
    • Skin hardening over the face might result into problem in gap the mouth thereby problem in maintaining dental hygiene.
    • In severe cases lungs and kidneys square measure affected.
    • Mild to severe Fatigue. Limiting your activities can facilitate vastly.
    • High pressure level.
    • Emotionally patients of scleroderma might feel shock, fear, anger, helplessness, guilt, etc. skilled content is useful for the person tormented by scleroderma and his or her family to address scleroderma.

Homeopathic treatment for scleroderma :

Scleroderma could be a sickness of connective tissues associate degreed it's ruled by genetic an medical specialty factors. homoeopathy works at medical specialty level and therefore the medicines square measure selected the idea of patient's genetic tendencies resulting in this sickness.

Homeopathic treatment is effective for scleroderma particularly as a validatory live to manage the sickness method and for obtaining some relief in a number of the stubborn symptoms like Raynaud's development, feeling, etc. In our restricted expertise at vital force, (we have treated concerning six cases by Apr 2014), wherever we've not ascertained reversal of scleroderma. we've ascertained relief in symptoms. Dr kabra would love to powerfully suggest homeopathic medicines as a locality of treatment for this sickness.

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