Cataract is development of lack of clarity in the vision either partial or complete which progressively increases overtime. Cataract affects the lens of the eye and prevents light from penetrating therefore obstructing vision.


  • Aging
  • Ultraviolet light e.g. pilots are more prone to the cataract as they fly at high altitudes continuously
  • Infra-red radiation e.g. glassblowers are bare to infra-red radiation by virtue of their occupation
  • Trauma to the eye
  • Diabetes and hypertension of long period


Loss of clear vision around street lights at night. In early stages only haloes around lights at night are able to be seen. The symptoms progressively advance causing loss of clear vision to end with blindness.


Research has proven that statins given to patients at risk for age related nuclear cataracts delay the process of cataract structure. Anti-oxidant use has not been proven to stoppage the process of cataract formation.


Extra capsular Lens Extraction: In this process the lens is removed and the capsule is left intact. The process is completely safe.

Constitutional homeopathic treatment can delay the formation of cataract in high risk patients like pilots, glassblowers and the aged.

Homeopathy has no role to participate in treatment of cataract. Over the contradict homeopathic eye drops available in the market do not do any good and extend the process of cataract maturation causing more problem to the patient for a longer period. Homeopathy is not suggested in the cases of cataract.

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