Ingrowing Toenails

Ingrowing Toenails

An unhealthy toe nail is one in every of the foremost painful conditions of the toes. Once the sides of the nails grow into the skin of the toes it causes pain, swelling of the toe, pus formation and infection of the nails. This condition is usually seen in adults and adolescents.


Common factors that cause unhealthy toenails ar as follows.

  • Type of shoes :- Some individuals have habit of sporting very tight shoes. Such shoes cause state of affairs of the toes which puts additional pressure on the massive toe. Thanks to this the sides of the nails tend to continue the close skin and also the nails start growing inwards. This can be additionally true for the ladies UN agency wear shoes with terribly high heels. Thanks to high heels the position of foot remains terribly awkward. This puts tremendous pressure on the massive toe whereas walking and standing. This leads to the ingrown of the Toenails.
  • Way of trimming the nails :- forever trim the nails during a line. By cutting the nails during a line, the sides won't press the underlying skin. Some individuals wrong cut the nails by miscalculation off the corners of the nails. This causes the nail to penetrate the flesh and also the nail becomes unhealthy.
  • Injury close to the nails :- Repetitive injury on the toes close to the nails will cause the matter of unhealthy toe nails. Such injuries ar common in foot ball players and hockey players.
  • Familial tendency :- If an individual within the family is laid low with unhealthy Toe nails then it's going to be additionally seen in alternative siblings or shut members of the family. It ought to be nominative that this condition isn't contagious however there's a familial attribute to blame for this condition. Some individuals have arcuate varieties of nails by birth. There ar higher probabilities of developing the unhealthy toenails in such individuals.
  • Nail infections :- thanks to mycosis like Athletes Foot, the toenail becomes thick and wide. The sides of such a nail will depress on the encircling tissue inflicting the in growing of toe nails.


Severe pain, redness of the skin, swelling and generally nail root infection ar the common symptoms of the unhealthy toenails.


This condition could sound straightforward however if left untreated it will make to serious issues particularly, if the patient is laid low with DM. The nerves will get broken and also the blood flow to the encircling tissues will diminish to a good extent during a diabetic patient. This will make to severe complications like gangrene.

The untreated toenail may also infect the underlying bone giving rise to severe bone infection. This can be known as osteitis. Unhealthy toe nail generally will grow to be Associate in nursing symptom.


Depending on the severity of the condition doctor can treat this condition with antibiotics and generally with the assistance of surgery. Surgical operation includes partial removal of nails, lifting the nails or complete removal of the infected nail and also the close tissues.

Preventive measures reception

  • Soak the feet for concerning quarter-hour in quandary. This can soften the nail and also the close skin.
  • Always cut the nails when soaking them in quandary.
  • Use a clean and sharp nail cutter for cutting the nails.
  • Trim the nails during a line across the highest. Don’t around the corners of the nails.
  • Do not cut the nails too short.
  • If you're laid low with DM opt for routine foot examination and nail care.

Can homeopathic medication facilitate within the treatment of unhealthy Toenails?

Although, this can be a surgical condition, treatment with homeopathic medicines in initial stages of unhealthy Toenails yields excellent results. Homeopathic medicines will o.k. management the pain and also the swelling of the nail bed and close tissues.

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