Kidney Stone

Kidney Stone

Kidney stones square measure clumps developed from coagulated crystals within the urinary organ or tract. The piss has all the ingredients that type the stone, however of these ideally labor under while not our information. Once there's associate degree imbalance in any of those substances, the crystals cluster along into stones. The dimensions of the stone will be as tiny as a grain of sand to at least one as giant because the size of a golf equipment. The foremost unremarkably found urinary calculus in humans is sometimes fabricated from metallic element salt. Alternative rare types of urinary organ stones embrace those created from amino acid, struvite (magnesium, ammonia and phosphate), phosphate, uric acid, etc.

Kidney stones square measure one in all the foremost painful of the urologic disorders. Men tend to be affected additional ofttimes than ladies.


Certain foods could promote stone formation in those that square measure vulnerable. This stone formation is increased once there's inflated intake of metallic element, metallic element salt, acid or salt in our diet, with associate degree inadequate intake of fluids. A positive case history (genetic tendency) conjointly makes an individual vulnerable to urinary calculus formation.

Certain foods that increase the chance for urinary calculus formation in vulnerable people include: Spinach, rhubarb, chocolate, peanuts, cocoa, beet, coffee, cola, nuts, strawberries, juice, fruit juice, fruit crush, and soda (acidic and contains phosphorus), all sorts of tea, and berries.


Kidney stones will stay well till they hinder the flow of piss. Once obstruction to the flow of piss happens at some purpose of your time, the patient starts experiencing acute symptoms. Patient typically presents with the foremost torturing pain within the lower back slightly below the ribs, which regularly extends into the groin space (described as ‘loin to groin’ radiation of pain). The patient may expertise nausea, vomiting, blood within the piss (haematuria), restlessness and fever (if infection is present).

Stones but five millimeter in size typically pass out spontaneously; but the bulk of stones larger than half-dozen millimeter need some variety of intervention, particularly therefore if the stone is stuck inflicting persistent obstruction and/or infection of the tract.

Homeopathic treatment

When the stone size is little, homoeopathy is probably going to assist within the passage of stone also as in relieving the torturing pain caused by an equivalent. If the stone size is larger, or the stone is compact, or there square measure multiple stones, then the patient is healthier treated surgically? However, even once surgical removal of stones, homoeopathy still includes a role to play in preventing its repetition (as the prospect of getting continual stones square measure regarding 70-80%).

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