Lichen Amyloidosis

Lichen malady

Lichen malady may be a chronic intensely unquiet roseola caused by abnormal deposit of amyloids (proteins) within the skin. The lesions largely seem within the lower leg, significantly over the shin; but, in few instances there may be lesions on thighs, lower limbs, forearms and back. It’s additional distinguished in males than in females aging fifty to sixty years.


The precise etiological issue isn't nonetheless well-known for the event of lichen malady. However, genetic and environmental factors are also accountable for this skin condition. Excessive scratching and constant friction between the skins (Kobner’s phenomenon) is thought to cause lichen malady in patients. These factors usually injury the stratum of the skin thereby exposing consequent layer called derma. Living thing macromolecule deposits on the higher layer of the derma called outgrowth derma inflicting papules and rashes.


Lichen malady is usually related to itch (severe itching) with hyperkeratotic hyper-pigmented rashes preponderantly seen on the shin of lower leg.

Lesions consists of scaly papules (multiple raised spots), largely red or brown in color, which might merge along to make plaques.

The condition is typically attended with different skin conditions like lichen rubber planus, atopic eczema and fungous infections.

In few cases, there may be injury concerned attributable to excessive scratching of the skin and lesions are also painful.


Skin diagnostic assay and microscopic anatomy investigation is typically prompt once suspected with lichen malady.


The traditional treatment sometimes consists of steroid hormone creams, removal and in severe cases excision of individual lesion, however, return is common. Antihistamines scale back the haptic sensation however prolonged use of such medicines isn't suggested.

Scope of medical aid in Lichen malady

Homeopathy contains a sensible scope in treating Lichen malady. Because the sickness contains a tendency to spread; the aim is to manage any progress of the sickness and pathology. Homeopathic medicines aim at healing the patient from at intervals by boosting and correcting the immunity. Treating the underlying cause is equally necessary. Homeopathic medicines have power to manage the inflammatory method thereby reducing haptic sensation, burning and from now on unfold of the lichen spots. Dependency or the necessity of standard medicines may be reduced. One ought to take medical aid at the earliest for a speedy recovery. Lichen malady may be a chronic sickness and takes its own time for recovery; thus a long-run treatment is typically prompt to patients.

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