Myopia is understood as ametropia in common expression. Folks plagued by shortsightedness will see close to objects clearly and have a retardant viewing distant objects that seem blurred and with less clarity. Myopia has high prevalence in Asian countries up to 80-90% as compared to 30-40% in European countries and also the U.S. and 10-20% in Africa. Analysis has proven a relationship between shortsightedness and high ratio. Combination of genetic predisposition and environmental factors like close to sharp-sighted work like reading, laptop games, looking at TV is one in all the explanations for shortsightedness.


Myopia is caused owing to modification within the curvature of the lens of the attention owing to weakening of eye muscles.


Longer exposure to sunlight has been well-tried in a very analysis to assist forestall shortsightedness.

Treatment for shortsightedness

Eye glasses, contact lenses, refractive surgery is that the standard treatment for shortsightedness.

Eye exercises and training program are better-known to assist myopic. Biofeedback helps in voluntary management of involuntary activities just like the urge to urinate, defecate, etc. training program helps by giving positive signals the brain like positive self speak and also the like and thus improves vision. It’s wide practiced with smart results.

Homeopathy has no scope in shortsightedness. No over the counter medical aid eye drops facilitate either in treating or preventing shortsightedness.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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