Non-Healing Ulcers

Non-Healing Ulcers

Any Non-healing wound or ulceration on skin that has been gift for 3-4 weeks period, while not healing is termed Non-healing ulceration.


Some of the most important cause’s area unit listed under:

  • Vascular congestion
  • Infection (mostly because of resistant bacteria)
  • Poor biological process
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Some general malady like SLE (Systemic Lupus)
  • Unknown causes

Types of Non-Healing Ulcers

There are many varieties of Non-healing ulcers:

  • Pressure ulcers
  • Venous stasis ulceration
  • Diabetic ulceration
  • Arterial ulceration
  • Pyoderma gangrenosum
  • Marjolin's ulceration

Pressure Ulcers

Pressure ulcers area unit shaped once skin and tissue area unit compressed resulting in decrease in circulation and atomic number 8 to the realm, inflicting tissue harm, which ends up in formation of ulcers. Most frequently found on lower limbs particularly heels and buttocks. These area unit ordinarily found in folks confined to bed or chair, inability to shift positions, poor nutrition, etc.

Venous Stasis ulceration

Venous stasis ulcers account for seventy to eighty p.c of all lower extremity ulcers. Because of chronic blood vessel insufficiency results in harm of valves within the legs. These leads to tissue swelling increase in pressure, and formation of blood vessel ulcers. These ulcers area unit most frequently found on medial facet of articulatio plana, largely round the maleoli and calf. Erosion edema is usually gift and will predate the ulceration.

Management involves assessment of blood flow to the extremity, wound management, compression stockings and/or wraps.

Diabetic ulceration

These ulcers result from harm to peripheral nerves because of polygenic disorder. They’re most ordinarily found on bottom of the foot or on the foot.

Arterial ulceration

These ulcers area unit because of reduced blood provide to lower limbs. Most typical cause’s area unit and peripheral tube disease. Blood vessel ulcers develop on the distal extremities and area unit sharply demarcated and painful with very little granulation. Chiefly occur on toes, heels, and bony prominences of foot. The toenails thicken and become opaque and perhaps lost, Gangrene might set in. Onset may be precipitated by trauma. Management involves assessment of blood flow to the extremity, wound management.

Pyoderma gangrenosum

These area unit little ulcers that begin as painful, pus-filled sores that unite into a non-bacterial sore among days. These area unit typically found on the outside surfaces of the legs or the face. Pyoderma gangrenosum is AN immune-mediated, inflammatory condition ordinarily related to inflammatory intestine malady and immuno-deficient states.

Marjolin's ulceration

This entity was initial represented in 1828 by Marjolin; UN agency diagnosed Non-healing ulcers developing in burn scars. Later, Dupuytren found these ulcers to be malignant in nature. Today, the term Marjolin's ulceration is employed to explain a cancer arising from any website of chronic inflammation.

Marjolin's ulcers occur most frequently on the extremities and in wounds that are gift for thirty years or a lot of.


Diagnosis of Non-healing ulcers relies on physical examination and specific tests like diagnostic test, resonance imaging of Non-healing pressure ulcers, flow-metry of leg arteries or Doppler Ultra-sonography of the lower limb blood vessel system.

Self facilitate for Non-healing ulcers

Avoid walking barefoot. Carrying compression stockings, skin care (Keep legs and feet clean and dry, lubricate dry skin), avoid cuts, cracks, abrasions. Leg elevation and calf exercise area unit suggested. Patient’s area unit inspired to decrease their risk factors (e.g., smoking, tobacco, etc.) and to manage co-existing conditions like polygenic disorder, blood pressure, and sterol.

Conventional Treatment

Topical medicament agents, Antiseptics, Antibiotics, Skin affixation, plastic surgery, surgical process, amputation, Hyperbaric atomic number 8 (HBO) medical aid.

Diabetic ulcers have a high incidence of infection, that additional slows the healing method. Cleansing and semi-permeable foam dressing is usually recommended alongside polygenic disorder management. Blood vessel ulcers are liable to infection. Blood vessel skin disorder is seen in severe cases.

In Marjolin's ulceration, wide excision followed by skin affixation is usually recommended. Elective lymph gland dissection has been advised due to the high rate of metastasis. Finally, amputation is also suggested for continual malady, or once a Marjolin's ulceration is related to underlying osteitis (ulcerated bone).

Non healing ulceration usually doesn't reply to typical therapies in few weeks of treatment.

Homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy has excellent medicines for treating non- healing ulcers. Homeopathic remedies directly enhance the inherent healing capability and treat by addressing the underlying causes as represented higher than. All cases area unit assessed one by one and treated in keeping with the underlying etiology.

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