Pemphigus Vulgaris could be a serious disease. Relatively, it's a rare sickness, that is characterised by formation of blisters and erosions of the skin and mucous secretion membranes. The blisters square measure usually known as as bulla or bullae, that square measure full of skinny, watery fluid; that eventually burst, slough off and result in sore spots. It will have an effect on mouth, sex organ and any a part of skin. it's most ordinarily ascertained in old or older folks. it's a chronic and continual sickness. it's not a contagious disease; doesn't unfold by bit or air.


Pemphigus is known to be associate degree auto-immune disease; tho', the precise cause remains ill-understood. IN skin disorder, body's system fails to acknowledge body's own supermolecule known as desmoglein supermolecule, and reacts within the variety of severe inflammation, blister formation, pain and soreness.

  • Autoimmunity - skin disorder Vulgaris is associate degree disease.
  • It may be the results of prolonged use of bound medications like medicament (antibiotic), pressure medications known as ACE inhibitors and Chelating agents. Usually, this sort of skin disorder tends to recover in most cases on stopping the medicines.


Autoimmunity is that the method during which body produces antibodies against traditional cells and proteins of the body. just in case of skin disorder Vulgaris, body’s system produces antibodies against specific proteins known as desmogleins within the skin and mucous secretion membranes. These proteins bind skin cells along. Antibodies, that square measure fashioned against these proteins, break the bonds between skin cells. This pathology results in formation of blisters.


Most commonly affected square measureas are mouth, scalp and trunk.

  • Painful blisters and sores within the mouth, followed by blisters on skin.
  • Peeling of skin
  • Crust formation


  • It is best diagnosed clinically by associate degree practiced eye.
  • Nikolsky's sign - once the surface of unaffected space is rubbed with finger or cotton, the skin separates simply. this can be known as as positive Nikolsky's sign.
  • Skin or oral diagnostic assay - It shows intra-epidermal cyst caused by breaking of cuticular cells.
  • ELISA take a look at - opposed Desmoglein antibodies may be detected within the blood mistreatment this take a look at.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy aims at addressing the underlying method and when result of auto-immune activity. The results with homoeopathy might not be as forceful and fast as most likely with the utilization of ketosteroid. However, homoeopathy is powerfully indicated in most cases of skin disorder as a support live, that helps not solely to manage the sickness higher, however conjointly helps to scale back the dependency of ketosteroid.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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