Peptic ulcers

Peptic ulcers

Ulcerations (sores) within the lining of higher a part of the channel square measure referred to as biological process Ulcers. The ulcers could exist within the lower a part of food pipe (oesophagus), within the abdomen or within the initial a part of the gut (duodenum). regarding 100 percent of all adults square measure affected with biological process ulcers at it slow in their life. The incidence of biological process ulcers is a lot of common in males as compared to females.


The underlying method that ends up in ulcer formation is more than acid production within the abdomen and injury to the protecting barrier within the abdomen. bound things will|which will|that may} trigger excess acid production or can cause injury to the protecting lining of the abdomen are:

  • Emotional stress
  • Foods (spices, pungent foods, etc)
  • Overuse of bound medication, particularly NSAIDs (Non-steroidal medicament drugs)
  • Infections (H-Pylori)
  • Hereditary
  • Smoking

Types of biological process Ulcers

Peptic ulcers typically run a chronic course and complaints tend to be episodic in nature; the patient is sometimes free from the symptoms in between these episodes. a number of the common symptoms of biological process ulcers are:

  • Pain within the area (upper a part of abdomen)
  • Hunger pain- worsening of pain once the abdomen is empty
  • Night pain- wakes the patient from sleep
  • Heartburn
  • Water brash
  • Loss of appetence (anorexia)
  • Nausea
  • Haematemesis (vomiting of blood)
  • Dark or black stools

The pain is sometimes eased by taking some food, milk, antacids, by belching or forcing out.


Diagnosis of biological process ulcers is confirmed by:

  • Endoscopy to guage ulcers
  • Biopsy is also needed
  • Barium meal (double contrast)
  • Stool examination
  • Complete blood count


  • Hemorrhage
  • Perforation of ulcers
  • Gastric outlet obstruction (obstruction in terminal a part of stomach) Things to avoid just in case of ulcer disease:
  • Spicy foods, pungent things
  • Excess of alcohol
  • Oily foods
  • Heavy meals
  • Allopathic painkillers
  • Above all avoid worrying!

Homeopathic treatment

Peptic ulcer illness could be a constitutional illness that finds its native expression at the amount of the systema alimentarium. Being a constitutional disorder, it concerns constitutional approach towards treatment. medical aid approach towards the management of ulcer illness involves the analysis of the criticism in details whereas taking into consideration individual factors like one’s personal and case history whereas coming up with a semipermanent treatment. Since the treatment targets the basis cause, homoeopathy offers semipermanent cure rather than temporary relief. It treats at a deeper level of immunity and enhances the healing capability of the body. homoeopathy may facilitate to forestall complications of biological process ulcers.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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