Prurigo Nodularis

Prurigo Nodularis

Prurigo nodularis is AN uncommon disease of the skin that is of unknown cause. because the the name suggests, it's derived from 2 words: disease of the skin = skin sensation and nodularis = nodules. during this sickness one gets nodules on skin that intense skin sensation. disease of the skin nodularis is known to be AN autoimmune disorder.

Severe, unendurable skin sensation is that the major feature within the case of patients suffering with disease of the skin nodularis.

Signs and symptoms

Prurigo nodularis may be a disease of the skin, particularly found on firearms, legs and neck. It will have an effect on alternative areas likewise. they're multiple nodular skin lesions with little open wounds because of intense skin sensation. they're found in teams, which can vary from many to some of lots of.

It may seem as alittle, red restless bump concerning [*fr1] an in. to concerning 2 centimeters in diameter, with crusting and scaling in recently scraped lesions that then address darker and paler compared to encompassing skin.

Skin between the nodules thusmetimes} dry with skin sensation so intense that patient keeps on scratching it for hours on finish that generally results in secondary infection.

Repetitive scratching, picking, rubbing might result in permanent changes to skin like nodular thickening (lichenification), hyperkeratosis, hyper pigmentation (dark pigmentation), and skin thickening in spots.

Scaly, crusted, scabbed and ill lesion is seen even once relieving the itch with medication. New nodules might stick with it showing however existing nodules might regress ad lib going scars. This sickness might run an extended time resulting in stress and lots of depression in patients.


The exact explanation for disease of the skin nodularis isn't proverbial. pathology and genetic factors appear to play role within the development of this sickness.

Many of the patients gift with a private or case history of skin disease or atopic eczema, bronchial asthma or pollinosis or some allergic disorders.

This sickness is commonly related to internal diseases like failure, anemia because of iron deficiency, or metabolic sickness like intolerance to macromolecule (called as protein enteropathy), and plenty of alternative numerous conditions like HIV infection, psoriasis, lichen, etc.

Emotional stress is commonly a trigger issue that might initiate or would facilitate maintain the sickness.


Prurigo nodularis may be diagnosed clinically by visual examination, as these area unit massive, a lot of or less symmetrical nodules with intense skin sensation. There area unit many conditions that match disease of the skin nodularis like lichen, psoriasis, even skin disease every now and then. Careful examination, clinical expertise and a support of diagnostic assay report would facilitate establish actual identification.

Homeopathic treatment

It is a troublesome sickness to treat. The homeopathic treatment can concentrate on the genetic and response factors within the background whereas deciding the drugs that works at a deeper level. The results area unit smart and inspiring. The patient would force keeping patience. medical care is powerfully indicated.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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