Retinal Detachment


Dr. Mahendra Kabra could be a practitioner, a scientist and a promoter of scientific membrane|detached retina|visual impairment|visual defect|vision defect|visual disorder} could be a condition within which the retina peels removed from the underlying corroboratory tissue. tissue layer is that the innermost layer of the attention that reacts to lightweight and forms pictures. it's a medical emergency.

Symptoms :

The patient sees floaters, cobwebs or specks or lightweight flashes or a curtain over the sector of vision, heaviness within the eye, a dense shadow that moves from the visual sense to visual modality, straight lines showing curving.

Risk Factors :

    • Aging
    • Injury to the attention
    • Injury to the pinnacle
    • Family history of vision defect
    • Myopia of long standing
    • Other eye diseases like rubor
    • Post cataract surgery
    • Diabetic Retinopathy
    • Sickle Cell unwellness

Treatment :

Laser Surgery or freeze treatment called cryopexy is employed to treat vision defect. Surgical results area unit best if the macula (a purpose within the tissue layer wherever the sunshine is focused and pictures area unit formed) isn't affected.

Homeopathy has no role to play within the treatment of vision defect.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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