Salivary Gland Stones

Salivary Gland Stones :

A exocrine gland stone isn't quite common condition. it's conjointly known as as epithelial duct stone. It will block the flow of spit from flowing into the mouth.

In order to know this condition, initial allow us to perceive the placement and performance of secretion glands briefly,

There square measure 3 major secretion glands and different few minor glands all sides of the jaw.

    • The salivary gland
    • The parotids square measure a combine of major secretion glands and largest of the secretion glands. it's located below the cheeks. It's secretion enters the oral fissure via salivary gland duct.

    • Submandibular salivary gland
    • This combine of submandibular glands is found simply below the jawbone on all sides.

    • Articulator glands
    • As the name suggests, this combine of glands square measure below either aspect of the tongue.

    • Minor secretion glands
    • Interestingly, there square measure over 800 small glands that square measure set everywhere the mouth, that turn out spit. they're gift within cheeks, lips, and tissue layer layer, components of the surface, and therefore the floor of the mouth.

Functions of secretion glands :

    • Lubricant
    • The major operate of spit is to figure as a lubricating substance within the mouth. spit coats entire mouth from within, that is programmed to urge secreted whereas ingestion, swallowing and talking. This lubricative action of spit prepares the food for its additional passage through food-pipe (esophagus) to the abdomen.

    • Digestive
    • Digestion of the food begins from mouth, since spit contains the enzymes like enzyme, that helps in breaking down starch into easier sugars,for easy absorption. nearly half-hour starch digestion takes place within the mouth cavity.

    • Antimicrobial operate
    • The food and drinks that we have a tendency to ingest is commonly packed with organism like bacterium and virus. The spit is that the initial chemical secreted within the body to handle and clear the organisms to bound extent. due to the anti-microbial activity of the spit. spit has medicine action that conjointly helps to stop tooth decay of the teeth.

    • Adding style to food
    • Saliva is extremely vital within the sense of style. The chemicals in food square measure carried to the style buds therefore spit becomes the media to hold those chemicals and gift to style buds so we are able to establish completely different style.

Incidence :

Males between 30-60 years seen a lot of ordinarily plagued by secretion stones.

Majority of the stones square measure glorious to occur in submandibular salivary gland nearly eighty fifth, incidence in salivary gland is 5-10%, terribly borderline that's 0-5% in salivary gland.

Causes :

No one is aware of the precise cause

Lack of adequate spit formation

    • Some of the medicines like anti-allergic (antihistamines), anti-hypertensive medicines, anti-depressants, and a few some therapy medicines (for cancer) square measure glorious to steer to secretion stone formation.
    • Injury to the secretion glands
    • Chronic infection of the glands
    • Increased levels of metallic element in spit (due to hyperparathyroidism)

Symptoms :

Many times the stones remains undetected as a result of they are doing not turn out symptoms until they become giant enough to impede the duct, once it's reached the optimum size to provide symptoms it causes pain and swelling of the secretory organ. this is often triggered once secretion secretion is increased; as an example at the sight, smell, thought or style of the food or once person is hungry or whereas change of state.

Complications :

    • Inflammation within the secretory organ
    • Infection at intervals the affected secretory organ

How to Diagnose :

Tests have to be compelled to be in serious trouble correct diagnosing and to rule out different conditions having similar symptoms. X-ray, CT scan or Ultrasound can facilitate to form a fast diagnosing of this condition.

Treatments :

First thing to correct the causes as an example dehydration or chronic long run medications, one will raise doctor to impose substitute for those medications

All the symptoms square measure as a result of obstruction of duct therefore main aim of treatment is to get rid of it. newer and fewer invasive technique known as sialendoscopy is employed to get rid of stones.

In most cases with repetition removal of exocrine gland is suggested, however surgeries are often difficult as a result of there square measure possibilities of harm to adjacent nerves that tooth decay out facial movements moreover as sweating, therefore best is to debate along with your sawbones relating to this.

Scope of Homeopathy :

Homeopathic drugs might facilitate chronic inflammation and pain as a result of exocrine gland stone. If stone is tiny in size, there remains an opportunity of some reduction or passing of the stone. However, middle or giant size stone might need a surgical line of treatment. continual stone formation might due helped to some extent.

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