Schizophrenia :

Schizophrenia, additionally typically referred to as dissociative disorder disorder, is one in all the psychotic mental disorders and is characterised by symptoms of thought, behavior, and social issues.

Schizophrenia looks to result from a breakdown within the noesis by that we tend to differentiate our inner self from the skin world. To a standard person, thinking, speaking and hearing square measure quite totally different subjective experiences, however in schizophrenic psychosis, this differentiation becomes blurred.

Prevalence :

It is a chronic, severe, draining psychological state that affects regarding one hundred and twenty fifth of the population, comparable to over two million individuals within the u. s. alone.

It affects men regarding one and a 0.5 times a lot of usually than ladies.

Symptoms :

    • Disturbance in thinking : The thought issues related to schizophrenic psychosis square measure delineated as impertinent, in this the person's thinking is totally out of bit with reality now and then. Patient expertise his thought being management by AN external force.
    • Disturbance of verbal behavior : The patient provides new aiming to words or coining new words, continuation words utilized in interview’s question, senseless repetition of words or phrases, linking of words while not that means.
    • Disturbance of motor behavior: The individual United Nations agency is schizophrenic having the subsequent complaints that square measure typically ascertained by relatives and by himself for instance unimaginative behavior, harmful behavior, criminal behavior , withdrawal behavior, excessive day dreaming.
    • Disturbance of perception : The sufferer could hear voices or see those who square measure in no manner gift or desire bugs square measure travel on their skin once there square measure none.
    • Disturbance of emotions: The patient has diminished intensity of emotional expertise, inability to expertise or imagine pleasant emotions, loss of fellow feeling and synchronal experiencing of 2 opposite styles of feelings.

Causes :

There is over one reason why patients developed schizophrenic psychosis. Researchers and soul try to seek out out a lot of regarding biological, psychological and social factors that influence the event of schizophrenic psychosis. the subsequent square measure all believed to play role within the incidence of schizophrenic psychosis.

    • Genetics and hereditary.
    • Personality sort.
    • Social factors.
    • Difficult circumstances like early loss of parent, parental financial condition, bullying, witnessing parental violence, emotional, sexual or physical abuse, physical or emotional neglect etc.

Types of schizophrenic psychosis :

    • Paranoid schizophrenic psychosis
    • Preoccupied with one or a lot of visual or hearing delusions e.g. somebody following him or some body is plotting arrange to damage him.

    • Disorganized schizophrenic psychosis
    • Irrelevant speech and behavior.

    • Catatonic schizophrenic psychosis
    • The person with this sort of schizophrenic psychosis has unimaginative behavior, imitation of movements or gesture, withdrawn behavior and continuation what others say or do.

    • Undifferentiated schizophrenic psychosis
    • This is characterised by episodes of delusions (false belief or opinion), hallucinations (the object or event thus perceived), impertinent speech or behavior, negative symptoms (destructive behavior).

    • Residual schizophrenic psychosis
    • This kind of schizophrenic psychosis having social withdrawal, eccentric behavior, illogical thinking etc.

Homeopathy for schizophrenic psychosis :

    • It may match in early and delicate cases
    • It relies on deeper understanding of the patients state of mind, his stress brick system and genetic tendency.
    • It is free from aspect effects.
    • It isn't habit forming.
    • It doesn't cause drug dependency.
    • It may be noted that homoeopathy doesn't work effectively all told cases of schizophrenic psychosis, particularly those who square measure chronic, severe and having drug-dependency. homoeopathy isn't counseled in schizophrenic psychosis, in our expertise.

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