Tenia Corporis

Tenia Corporis :

Tinea Corporis or fungal infection or dermatosis corporis could be a zymosis of the skin characterised by Associate in Nursing fretful ring formed skin rashes. Its alternative names square measure tinea circinata and tinea glabrosa. It affects specifically groins, within thigh, lower abdomen and any a part of the body.

This infection tends to last for a really long-standing, for years at times; because it is tough to induce eliminate this flora.

Types of Tenia Corporis :

    • Tinea Capitis: fungal infection infection of scalp
    • Tinea Barbae: fungal infection infection of beard space
    • Tinea Pedis: fungal infection infection of foot
    • Tinea Cruris: fungal infection infection of groin space
    • Tinea Manus: fungal infection infection of hands and interdigital areas
    • Tinea Faciei: fungal infection infection of face except the beard space
    • Tinea Unguium: fungal infection infection of nails

Causes :

It is caused by mold-like fungi known as dermatophytes.

Following factors create one liable to develop flora infection:

    • Excessive sweating
    • Poor hygiene
    • Using contaminated tending things (such as: wear, combs, toothbrush etc.)
    • It also can unfold from pets (such as: cats, dogs, cows etc.)

Symptoms :

    • Red raised ring formed eruption with clearer center
    • The borders might seem scaly
    • Itching

Diagnosis :

    • It is best diagnosed by any trained doc clinically.
    • Skin scrapings of affected space for microscopic examination
    • Culture

Homeopathic approach :

Homeopathy is effective for chronic roundworm. However, because the malady gets older, it tends to induce a lot of proof against any style of treatment. Also, once you employ anti-fungal cream for several months or years, this infection becomes a lot of resistant and tough to treat. medical care is powerfully indicated for roundworm.

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