Tinnitus :

Tinnitus is Associate in Nursing annoying condition wherever one hears abnormal sound while not really it being there.

Different patients describe the sound otherwise, like ringing, buzzing, high pitched whining, hissing, shrieking, humming, whistling sound, etc. it's a subjective perception.

In most cases symptom would be continuous. However, in several it should be intermittent, obtaining additional pronounced beneath sure circumstances. several patients would grievance of this as terribly severe and perturbing sensation.

Actually, symptom isn't a sickness however a proof of sickness.

Causes :

    • Ear infections
    • Wax within the ear
    • Nasal allergies
    • Drugs (Certain antibiotics, pain killers, immunosuppressant, quinine, aspirin)
    • Noise induced hearing disorder
    • Prolonged exposure to clap (industrial )
    • Ear or head injury
    • Emotional disorders like anxiety, depression

In several cases, however, no underlying physical cause will be known :

  • Treatment of tinnitus :
    • Conventional treatment :
    • Gamma knife radio surgery, botox, carbamazepine, anti depressants, Vitamin, Surgery.

      Often, symptom can be laborious to treat.

    • Homeopathic treatment :
    • Homeopathy offers treatment for symptom that is effective. However, the results might not be known as wonderful. As same earlier, symptom could be a tough sickness condition. a good trial with medical aid is suggested.

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