Trachoma :

It is associate communicable disease which will cause swelling of the outer covering of the attention referred to as the mucosa, pain and discharge from the eyes with cutaneous sensation. It spreads through bit, victimization common garments, door knobs employed by the affected person, flies and cattle are often a reason for mechanical unfold. Poor personal hygiene and lack of bathrooms and latrines is that the reason for this glaring sickness if left untreated.

It is the world's commonest reason for infectious eye diseases resulting in visual impairment. it's presently existent in Africa, Asia, Mideast and a few components of Latin America and Australia wherever it assumes endemic proportions by poignant the preteen kids and girls.

Cause :

Bacteria by the name of Chlamydia eye disease is square measure the reason for eye disease.

Symptoms :

The symptoms embody painful eyes, swollen eyelids, sticky, slippery discharge from the eyes, inward protraction of the eyelashes, cutaneous sensation of the eyes and ear, nose and streptococcal sore throat.

Type of eye disease :

  • Acute eye disease :
  • It is ofttimes found in kids WHO square measure dirty, soiled and unhealthy. The symptoms embody painful eyes, swollen eyelids, watery discharge from the eyes and cutaneous sensation of the eyes with ear, nose and streptococcal sore throat. it always affects one eye and bit by bit spreads to each the eyes.

  • Revenant eye disease :
  • If poor hygiene persists the person gets affected once more and once more.

  • Chronic eye disease :
  • It causes inward turning of the attentionlid such the eye lashes rub against the tissue layer .Gradually the symptoms persist and rather than breakdown cause chronic eye disease and ends up in visual impairment between the age of thirty to forty years if left untreated. If it doesn't cause visual impairment, it ends up in scarring of the of the tissue layer of the attention.

  • Prevention :

      Maintaining sensible hygiene and sanitation square measure essential to stop this sickness of the developing countries that has been eradicated from the developed countries. The steps include:

    • Avoid physical contact with an individual littered with eye disease
    • Personal cleanliness, particularly of face and hands is very important.
    • Washing hands and face ofttimes with soap and water is very important even in kids WHO square measure already infected to stop re-infection.
    • Keep separate towels ,handkerchiefs and linens for every member of the family.
    • Wash hands when handling cattle.
    • Keep the food lined and use latrines and bathrooms for excreting to stop breeding of flies.
    • Avoid huddled places.

Conventional Treatment :

Azithromycin is employed to treat the condition. Surgery is employed to treat advanced stages of the sickness.

It is one in all the comes undertaken by WHO to eradicate visual impairment caused by eye disease by 2020.

Homeopathic Treatment :

Homeopathy will play a serious role in treatment of the sickness. It will treat acute and revenant stages of the sickness, chronic eye disease wants surgical intervention. visual impairment ensuing from eye disease can not be treated victimization medical care, please note.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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