Urticaria Pigmentosa

Urticaria Pigmentosa :

Urticaria pigmentosa could be a disease, that could be a type of hives yet as mastocytosis, within which you discover brown, intensely skin sensation patches on skin. On rubbing the spots, one gets hives or urticarial patches.

It is one in all the kinds of mastocytosis. For perceive mastocytosis, we'd like to grasp alittle regarding mast cells. Mast cells ar traditional cells found in skin everywhere the body. Mast cells contain bound granules that once activated or excited, cause unleash of amine and alternative such chemicals, resulting in the condition referred to as mastocytosis. you will say, mast cells ar inflammatory cells.

Incidence :

Urticaria pigmentosa is most typically seen in infants and youngsters however can even be found in adults.

Causes :

The exact reason for this uncommon illness is unknown however recent analysis suggests genetic modification during a macromolecule (called c-kit) on the surface of mast cells could end in the abnormal proliferation of those cells.

    • Physical stimuli like heat, friction, and excessive exercise
    • Bacterial toxins
    • Venom
    • Eye drops containing dextran
    • Alcohol
    • Morphine
    • Emotional stress

Symptoms :

    • Brownish lesions on skin ar seen usually around chest and forehead.
    • Rubbing the skin sore causes hive like bump.
    • A fluid crammed blister could type if it's scraped, particularly seen in younger kids.
    • Face could become flushed.
    • In severe cases looseness of the bowels, headache and palpitation is also seen.

Darier's sign :

A typical presentation referred to as Darier’s sign is determined in hives pigmentosa. By rubbing one in all the brown patches the rubbed space becomes reddened, swollen and restless. This confirms the presence of mastocytosis

Diagnosis :

    • The illness is most frequently diagnosed clinically
    • Doctors will make sure the presence of mast cells by rubbing the skin. If hives seem, it possibly signifies the presence of hives pigmentosa.
    • Skin diagnostic test shows a rise in mast cells and confirms the identification.
    • If there ar any symptoms suggesting internal involvement the subsequent tests is also useful
    • X-rays of os and long bones could show areas of bone dilution, or a diffuse ground glass look
    • Urinary amine levels or one,4-methylimidazole carboxylic acid is also elevated

Prognosis :

    • It goes away on its own until the time of pubescence in five hundredth of the cases however medication is needed because it could be a hard illness.
    • In adults it's going to turn out to be additional serious condition referred to as general mastocytosis.

Treatment :

    • a typical treatment for hives pigmentosa: hives pigmentosa is difficult to treat with the standard medication.
    • Oral antihistamines ar helpful as a result of they cut back the mast cell's ability to react to amine.
    • Disodium cromoglicate orally is also useful in some cases as they act as somatic cell stabilizers.
    • Topical steroids have restricted role.
    • Photo therapy for extended periods is also useful to some extent.

Homeopathic treatment :

Homeopathy works effectively for hives pigmentosa. medical aid analysis takes into

account genetic, immunologic and allergic factors especially whereas treating this conditions. Results ar positive and inspiring. powerfully suggested.

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