Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins :

Varicose veins may be a common condition determined in follow whereby patients gift with expanded, tortuous and elongated veins, particularly on the legs. However, any vein within the body if gets twisted, extended or looses snap, may well be labelled as unhealthy.

The veins have sure valve like mechanism that permits the blood to maneuver upwards toward the guts. The valves have leaflets. once the leaflets loose their snap, the valves loose their capability to push blood upwards; thus there's a back pressure that ends up in additional elongation of the veins. The veins even have reduced snap. As a result, the veins get ‘tortuous’ or twisted; still as hardened. The veins, thus, come into view as zigzag tube-shaped structure tubes, particularly on legs.

Varicose veins have an effect on particularly the relying components of the body that's lower limbs, that gets even worse once one tends to square longer. individuals within the business of standing for long, like sales individuals, policemen, sawbones (tend to square for hours throughout surgery), etc. ar risk of developing unhealthy veins.

Causes :

    • Occupational: Standing long hours
    • Genetic tendency
    • Deep vein thrombosis: A condition that affects the valves of veins
    • It may get triggered throughout physiological state and as a result of fatness

Symptoms :

    • Painfulness of legs
    • Visible tortuous veins on the legs (of affected parts) (See photograph.)
    • Swelling of legs and mortise joint
    • Restless leg syndrome (due to pain.) trauma as a result of minor injury

Complications of unhealthy veins :

    • Ulcer formation
    • Bleeding
    • If skin disorder on the affected components, there could also be infection resulting in wounds which can take time to heal
    • Thrombophlebitis: as a result of clot formation within the veins, as a result of sluggish circulation

Homeopathic treatment :

Homeopathy works fine for gentle to moderate cases of unhealthy veins. It helps to cut back pain, management additional varix, reduces swelling. homoeopathy conjointly helps considerably within the cases that have unhealthy ulcers. medical aid treatment is powerfully suggested for all cases of unhealthy veins apart from those that ar really surgical in nature.

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