Vitiligo unfold extensively over his entire body together with premature graying of hair

This is the case of 6-year-old boy who reported to the clinic with white spots around the eyes since 9-10 months. He had undergone allopathic treatment, with temporary relief, after the stoppage of which the spots reappeared and spread moderately over the scalp, face, back, abdomen, waist, knees, axilla, legs, chest, ears, groin and perineum. He had been taking steroids and UVB treatment but with partial relief.

The unfold was bilaterally symmetrical (Similar unfold on each the sides) within the reproductive organ space. Graying of hair was additionally noticed on the scalp since 10-15 days. He had allergic skin whereby application of various oils would result in rash).

Along with his skin complaints, he additionally suffered with complaints of chronic dry cough for regarding 3-4 times a year, that won’t to stay for regarding 10-12 days. He additionally suffered from arduous stools.

He was a particularly sensitive kid. He continually unbroken to himself, was self-examining and will not categorical his feelings. He was terribly hooked up to his father. His mother was terribly quick-tempered, strict and violent. Patient feared his mother lots, as she had hit him on some occasions. Whenever his mother won’t to scold him, it won’t to frighten him lots. He wanted his younger brother and took excellent care of him. He was terribly lovesome and had a caring perspective. He was overactive, vie lots and was very restless. He feared darkness.

He failed to have history of any major diseases within the past. There was no case history of skin condition. His paternal granddad suffered from ischemic heart condition and polygenic disease. His paternal grannie suffered from myocardial infarct and polygenic disease. His maternal grannie suffered from cardiovascular disease.

After a few month of personalized homoeopathic treatment, his skin condition below the eyes was far better. Slight repigmentation had occurred on the rear. Few spots on the forehead and hands started attenuation.

After 3 months of treatment, the skin condition patches on the face, dorsum of the palm, right higher arm, right radio carpal joint, chest, back, waist, feet, knee joints, elbows and scalp light off. Graying of hair had additionally been in remission mostly. No new spots are noticed.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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