Eruptions on knees, elbows, back and on scalp. The lesions had persisted for of these years with none remission. There was marked scaling of the lesions.

A thirty one year’s recent male patient, reportable with complaints of skin condition since three years. He had eruptions on his knees, elbows, back and on his scalp. The lesions had persisted for of these years with none remission. There was marked scaling of the lesions. Itch was gift although it had been not terribly intense. The symptoms would be worse throughout winter.

He conjointly had complaints of pain within the joints since three years. He would get pain within the little joints of the hands and fingers, wrists and knees. The pain would be worse once he would rest the affected joints and would be higher on moving these joints. He would get some relief from heat. The pain within the knees would be worse once he would be sitting. His RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis) check was positive.

He was keen on fish and spicy foods and had aversion to vegetables. He had a brief and stout constitution. He was a gentle and mild person with a quiet nature. He would like to not get into different people's matters and would keep from such things. He aforementioned that he would like to pay attention to the alternative person instead of reacting to what was aforementioned. He aforementioned that he was fully glad together with his life. He had baby-faced ton of struggles in his life earlier and had seen powerful times. However currently he was well settled in his career and had no worries. He was fastidious specific regarding his things particularly at his work place; he was very specific regarding the manner he needed things to be done there. He was a sort and sympathetic person naturally.

There was no history of any major unwellness in his past. On the family front too there was no different important anamnesis except that his mother had bronchial asthma.

In the initial three months of treatment, his lesions enhanced and therefore the remained static for a few time. Once this era he noticed substantial improvement within the lesions very short period. He remarked at this stage of treatment that his complaints had ne'er been in such a remission ever since he got this illness. His lesions on the elbows had virtually disappeared and his scalp lesions were higher by quite seventy fifth. There have been few little, new lesions on the rear however they failed to persist for terribly long. His complaints of joint pains were far better than before at the top of regarding eight months of treatment. He is continuing the treatment for one more few months for complete relief from the skin condition. His joint pains would relapse once in an exceedingly whereas however it'd be delicate and would be controlled with the medication. Therefore overall he did fine with the treatment; his skin condition was cured and his joint pain was below sensible management.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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