What is Homeopathy


Homeopathy is an unconventional method of treatment, based on nature's law of Cure, specifically 'Like cures Like'. The conviction of this law was discovered by a German scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 and has been confirmed experimentally and clinically proved 200 years. Homeopathy is the avant-garde, of natural medical science. Homeopathy is the gentle and efficient system of medication. The remedies are prepared from natural substances to defined standards and work by stimulating the body's own healing power.

"Homeopathy" be the choice of therapy

Homeopathy is scientific, rational, safe, rapid and extremely effective method of healing. It offers ultimate and permanent cure, treating the disease from its roots, for the majority of the diseases. Homeopathy is one of the most balanced sciences with respect to its concepts of health, ailments and cure. Homeopathy does not cure superficially by just driving away the symptoms but heals the patient from within. Certainly, homeopathy is the medicine of future.

Homeopathic Opinion: A must...

In this scientific age of health awareness, the time has come that for the treatment of any disease, which does not respond to any appropriate line of treatment, one must take a homeopathic opinion instantly. Many a time patients mislay their early time going to one expert to another helplessly, without everlasting relief, and move toward homeopathy only when other medicines fail.

To acquire the best results and chock-full benefits of homeopathic science, one should stick to homeopathic treatment in the early stage of disease. Because of lack of knowledge and awareness in common public about the value of homeopathy in all sorts of diseases ranging from Cold to Cancer, many patients come up to homeopathy late. By this time the disease progression advances to an incurable stage and homeopathy can offer little then, to the non curable disorders. However timely given homeopathic treatment might be a blessing to the ailing humanity.

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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