How to find a good doctor for your vitiligo treatment?

How to find a good doctor for your vitiligo treatment

  • The best and primary way is to have a personal suggestion from a family member, doctor or a friend.
  • Higher education centres or Universities round the globe with dermatology departments is also a great alternative to find out the best practitioner around.
  • Once the doctor is selected, try to learn the cause of the disease and the treatment strategies patient is going to accept during the case and the percent of success.
  • It is the right of the patient to ask the doctor about the specific therapies used in their clinic.
  • A good doctor is a one who shows interest in growing and upcoming therapies.
  • Please ask your doctor about the possibility of treatment in your case. Every doctor who treats Vitiligo should be able to give an idea about the success, scope and limitation of the treatment for Vitiligo.
  • It is extremely necessary to ask about the side effects of the treatment, in case any.
  • In case your doctor is a conventional dermatologist or a General Practitioner, please find out if he is familiar with the scope of treatment with homeopathy.
  • Find out if your doctor is capable to advise you about How to cope up with Vitiligo.
  • Discover about the success rate of the doctor of medicine in the treatment of Vitiligo. Your doctor must have some fair success rate of minimum 40%.
  • Last but not the least the doctor should be able to treat the psychological aspect of the disease and should be motivating which is highly important for the positive recovery of the patient.

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