Facts and Myths

Facts and Myths

Myth : Homeopathy is slow to take action.

Fact : Not in reality. Homeopathy is fast performing in acute conditions such as, fever, diarrhea, infections etc. The chronic and old disease such as psoriasis take a long period of time to treat hence homeopathy has been labeled as slow acting therapy. One can say that homeopathy can be slower than the effect of pain-killers, anti-inflammatory medicines and steroids. One must have to know that homeopathy is faster in the treatment of conditions such as asthma, eczema, arthritis, migraine.

Myth : Homeopathy is helpful only for the chronic conditions and has no role for acute illness.

Fact : Homeopathy is a best alternative medicine for acute diseases. In fact, at one time, we used to treat huge number of acute ailments varying form cough-cold-fever to pneumonia, hepatitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, etc.

Myth : Homeopathy can merely aid functional problems such as pain, weakness, where there are no structural changes in the body.

Fact : Homeopathy has proved its effectiveness for the treatment of structural pathology. Several recognized cases where the reversal of the structural pathology has taken place indicating the intensity of homeopathy action.

Myth : Homeopathy is a wonder medicine and it cures each disease under the sun.

Fact : Homeopathy Nature’s great wonder. It has its individual set of limitations. We do fail in many cases, and continue learning to heal the suffering humanity.

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