Homeopathic Treatment for Vitiligo

Leucoderma/ Vitiligo is not a curse it can be treated

Homeopathy is competent to give magnificent and incredible cures in several cases of Vitiligo. This is due to the truth that homeopathic treatment enhances the natural production of pigments. According to homeopathic beliefs. Vitiligo is not a disease in itself but an expression of an inner disturbed status of the body. The cure should take place at a level where things have gone wrong. In order to archive this, the patient is analyzed on various facets of mental and physical and family attributes and also a complete study is done on the psychologicalenvironment that the patient has moved out through in his life. The prescription is then based at the deepest level of understanding of the patient’s disturbed inner force. Homeopathy is the gentle and effectual system of medicine. The remedies are prepared from natural stuff to accurate standards and work by stimulating the body's individual healing power.

According to the factual principles of homeopathic philosophy i.e. treating that deep causative factor which caused this inner disturbance. Also remember that Vitiligo is a chronic disorder & can take considerable time even with the best of the homeopathic treatment, for it to be completely cured. Along with easy to follow diet and life style. The three marbles of Naturopathy(Ahar, Vihar, and Vichar).

The Root Cause of Autoimmune Disease

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